Get Your Article Accepted In Any Publication
Book some 1-1 time with me below to make it happen.
Or, you know, we can talk about anything else. 

Book Some 1-1 Time With Me If You...

If you need to talk to a social media expert about anything down below, then feel free to book some time with me.

1. Need An Article Accepted In A Publication

We'll take a look at your draft, submission guidelines for the publication you want to enter, make line-by-line edits, and I'll do a final round of edits via email once you make the changes I suggest on our call. The deal is we work until you get accepted in your chosen publication.

2. Want To Learn How To Write Better Articles

Maybe you're not super interested in getting into any publications. That's fine! We can work on a draft you've written and go line-by-line on that to improve it.

3. General Medium Strategy

Want to grow your publication or profile? Not sure what you need to do to accomplish that? Let's talk. I'll take a look at your articles and profile to diagnose your specific problem.

4. General LinkedIn Strategy

I have over 15,000 followers on LinkedIn and have a whole course about how to grow there. If you need help with LinkedIn, I can help you.

​5. Online Monetization

Want to create your own digital products? Do you need advice on sales funnels, email marketing, online courses, webinars, and anything else? Let's talk, create a roadmap, and make your next steps clearer.
What's Included In Our 1-1 Call
1. One Hour With Me
Obviously, once you book a session, you'll get one hour of uninterrupted time with me.
2. Recording + Call Notes Sent To Your Email
Every publication, writer, or tool that I mention in our call will be hotlinked in a follow-up email to you. You'll also get a recording of our call that you can watch at any time. 
3. Follow-Up Email Support
I give every person who books a call with me unlimited follow-up email support until they accomplish their goal for our call. If you get rejected from your chosen publication, or have any lingering questions, then I'll make sure to "make it right" and work until everything is settled.
4. Unlimited Money-Back Guarantee
If we have our call and it doesn't live up to your expectations for any reason-even if we've been working for weeks, I'll give you your money back. I want to make sure you get what you came for. If you don't, then I actually hope you ask for your money back.


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