Help Build The New Medium In 2023
Medium's poised to have a big 2023. 
Join us and be a leader of the new school.
Medium, since late 2020, has not had the greatest time.

Reach dwindled. 
Publications fled.
Substack, to many, has eaten its lunch.

It came as a shock that in July of 2022, founder Ev Williams decided to step down as CEO.
Ev is a genius, but under his leadership the last two years, Medium jumped into the deep end and couldn't pull itself out.

My biggest month on Medium saw me garnering 150,000 views.
Those days are gone. For now.

Tony Stubblebine replaced Ev Williams as CEO and promptly reassured us authors that he was "doubling down" on supporting us.
He also shared that he was going to give us tools and incentives and "get out of our way."
For Medium writers who've been here for more than five years, that's music to our ears.

Indie writers took a back seat for more than three years. It seems Tony wants to give us back that power.

I've spoken to Tony on Twitter, and some of the changes he wants to make are incredible.

For one, he wants to give more power to publications to curate stories, and pay them to do it!

Second, he wants to boost popular stories more across all of Medium, like they used to do in the past.

Third, he wants to monetize external views, which is something many Medium authors have been clamoring for.

For me, that's all I needed to hear to have complete 100% faith in this platform moving forward.

The question is, are you going to help build the new Medium?

2 Big Opportunities For Medium
Writers In 2023

#1. Start Your Own Publication
Get More Views
These are the stats for my Medium publication, the Post-Grad Survival Guide. 👆

A lot of people think Medium is a solo gig. It's just up to us, the writers, to write and make our own living. 

In reality, starting a publication and inviting other writers to contribute to it can help you create something that gets tens of thousands of monthly views. That helps us to...
Get More Email Subscribers
It's the best kept secret on Medium that starting a publication can grow your email list.
For example, my publication has an email list of nearly 7,600 people that I can send an email to with the publication "newsletter" feature.

How do you get email subscribers as a pub?

Well, in your "Settings" page, you can choose whether to receive emails from publications you follow. In my experience, many readers choose to leave that box checked.
Help Rebuild Medium
Big publications were always the reason that Medium thrived. When the big ones left, it only accelerated Medium's downfall.

Starting your own publication won't just get you more views and email subscribers (which leads to money), it will also make Medium a better place and help you feel more connected to the community.
Make Some Money In The Future (Possibly)
Tony plans to help pay publications for curating content in the future, but we don't know the exact specifics of this just yet. 

It might be a worthwhile "investment" to start a publication now, grow it to 10,000+ monthly views, and be in perfect position to make money from curating Medium articles when he rolls this feature out.

I don't think it's going to take too long.
#2. Improved Organic Reach
I think we'll start seeing vastly improved organic reach in 2023.

Some of Tony's recent tweets talk about making tag pages more visible AND valuable. That's great news for people who know what the most popular tags are and write for those tags specifically.

He also touches on how publications are going to be in charge of curating in the new Medium. That means all you have to do to increase your views is write for publications again.

Finally, Tony wants to make sure that we get more content from people we actually follow on Medium.

That sounds a lot like the Medium that helped me get 80,000+ views per month. We're going to see better organic reach in no time.
What Is Medium Mastery 2023?
Medium Mastery is my flagship course teaching you how to succeed on Medium. A few things we cover are:
  • How To Get Into Big Medium Publications
  • How To Start Your Own Successful Medium Publication
  • How To Write A Fantastic Medium Article
This iteration, though, has all updated material.

There's also 2-month access to my private slack channel where you can get article feedback, talk to me directly, and start growing your community on Medium.

My goal is to help build the next generation of Medium writers and publications. I want to make this Slack channel so good that you want to stay after your two month are over.

I envision a community where we contribute to each other's publications, share best tips, grow together, and rub shoulders with some of the best writers and publication owners on Medium. 

Basically, I want it to be THE spot all Medium writers want to join. That's my vision.
What's Included In Medium Mastery 2023
1. Slack Channel
From the date of purchase, you'll have access to my private Slack channel for life.
My goal is to give you enormous amounts of 1-1 time.

I want to make certain that whatever publication you want to start, or whatever articles you want to write are absolute gold.
2. Six New Modules Of Course Material
Here's what each module covers:

Course Material
#1: How To Start (And Grow) Your Own Medium Publication
#2: Why Ideas Make Viral Articles, And How To Never Run Out Of Them
#3: How To Write A Great Medium Post From Start To Finish
#4: A Million Ways To Write An Amazing Medium Headline
#5: How To Get Into The Biggest Medium Publications
#6: How To Grow And Go Viral On Medium
3. All Medium Mastery 2.0 Lessons
There's 10 hours of Medium lessons that I could just toss in the trash can, or I could give it to you. 

There's still a ton of value to be gotten from these lessons. Here's a few of them:
4. 60+ Interviews With Side-Hustle/Blogging Experts
I've put on two virtual summits in my life--one in 2018 and another in 2021. Each of them featured interviews with 30+ blogging/side-hustle experts. There's tons of incredible lessons from millionaire bloggers, NY Times Best-selling authors, and influencers with millions of followers
You'll get all 60 of them in this bundle.
5. Endless Guidance From Me
I've been a successful publication owner AND writer. I took The Post-Grad Survival Guide from 0 views to 500,000+ per month. I took my personal blog from 0 views to 150,000 per month.
I'm here to give you all the guidance you need, whether you're an aspiring writer or publication owner. I can help you excel at both.




Darren Stehl
Founder of Th-Ink Queerly

"I have paid for many private Facebook groups, webinars, and online coaching programs of 3-12 months. Tom delivered one of the best programs in the shortest periods of time I’ve ever taken. Whatever you’re paying for the program right now, it’s actually worth 2 to 3 times that amount.

Tom is an expert on the Medium platform. He knows what you need to do, how you need to do it, the tools you'll need, and strategies depending on your goals. You only need to see his follower counts and stats as further proof of his experience and expertise."

Cynthia Marinakos
3,500 Medium followers / Top Medium Writer in 4 categories

"I love Tom's honest, direct, simple style of writing. But more than that, he's genuine, caring and positive. He always responds to emails. I happily paid to learn more from him.

The course transformed my next year on Medium! I learned how to get curated more often, build a following, and of course, improve my writing. Best of all, the course offers an ongoing active community that's nurturing with ongoing updates and a wonderful bunch of supportive writers.

If you're serious about writing on Medium, you've got to do this course and join this community. Cheers!"

Amanda Luketa

"In the past year or so I've spent ~$2000 on courses. Medium Mastery has by far been the most effective. Here's why:

- The information is organized in a chronological fashion, not by subject.           This helps warm newbies up to the platform gradually, without seeming         overwhelming. You get to build on your skills as you develop them.
- You're an actual human who is reachable and gives a crap. You interact         with your students, engage in the community, and are there to provide           feedback."

Here Was My First Month On Medium

My Third Month On Medium

15 Months Later..

26 Months Later..

I'VE MADE OVER $70,000 


How long do I have 
access to the course?

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own. 

What if I am unhappy 
with the course?

We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 7 days and we will give you a full refund.

What is Medium?

Medium is part social media platform, part blogging platform. I like to call it Twitter, except you post articles instead of "tweets." You can follow people, get their articles on your homepage, and write your own articles as well.

How can I make money with the Medium Partner Program?

On Medium you can post "locked" articles which only Medium Members can see. Those with Medium Memberships pay $5 per month to read unlimited locked stories from their favorite authors. If these members "clap" for your story (the equivalent of a "like" on Facebook), you get a small portion of their membership fee for that month as a reward. So, the more followers you have, the more Medium Members are likely to see your articles and consequently "clap" for your them as well.
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