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What The Heck Is This, Tom?

Well, it's a Slack channel. :) Simply put, this is a place for builders.

For people who want to build the next great Medium publication or be the next big Medium writer.

Let me explain each channel below:
  • Feedback: A place to share and get feedback on your Medium articles. Limit 1 article per week.
  • General: Our place to discuss recent Medium changes, questions, and share what's worked for us.
  • Introductions: Self-explanatory. ;)
  • ​Live Trainings: Reserved only for Medium Mastery 2023 students
  • ​Post Share: Share your recent posts here to get some initial support and claps on them.
  • Publication List: Enjoy an ever-changing list of the biggest Medium publications, along with direct links to their "write for me" pages.
  • Publication Owners: A Slack channel specifically for those of us who own publications.
  • Weekly Review: Every Friday, we'll come into the #weeklyreview channel to talk about what worked for us this week, share our best-performing posts, and discuss our worst-performers, too.

Who Should Join Us

If you can relate to any of the characterizations below, you should consider joining our private community..

1. Publication Owners

Have you started a publication but don't know how to grow it? Do you WANT to start one? Join us and we'll help you figure out why you're not growing and what you can do to see success in the future.

2. Writers Getting Zero Traction

We've been there. If you're publishing like a madman or madwoman and getting little to no views, we can diagnose your problem and show you what you need to work on. 

I guarantee it will lead to more views.

3. Medium Beginners

Did you just join Medium in the last few months?  Are you confused about what a publication is, or how to actually get views? Join us!

4. People Who Want To Make An Impact With Their Words

Maybe starting a publication or making money doesn't matter too much to you. Maybe you just want to make a deeper impact. You want to help change people's lives a little bit more.

For me, that involves a mixture of tapping into our personal stories and making our headlines more "clickable." Join us and we'll diagnose what specifically you need.
What's Included In The 
Medium Mastery Community
1. Slack Channel
From the date of purchase, you'll have 30 days worth of access to our private Slack channel. 
My goal is to give you enormous amounts of 1-1 time.

I want to make certain that whatever publication you want to start, or whatever articles you want to write are absolute gold.

It's $20 per month, and it auto-renews every month.
2. One Monthly Group Call
Want to get your questions answered live? Every month I'll host a complimentary group Q/A call where we get to meet each other face-to-face (well, kinda ;). Each call will be at least one hour long.
3. Endless Guidance From Me
I've been a successful publication owner AND writer. I took The Post-Grad Survival Guide from 0 views to 500,000+ per month. I took my personal blog from 0 views to 150,000 per month.
I'm here to give you all the guidance you need, whether you're an aspiring writer or publication owner. I can help you excel at both.
4. A Community Of Badasses
The most valuable part of this group is the community. Join a group of people with a kaleidoscope of experience-some tested Medium veterans and others Medium beginners. 

This will by far be the best Medium community you can find on the internet.



What if I am unhappy 
with this?

We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 7 days and we will give you a full refund.

What is Medium?

Medium is part social media platform, part blogging platform. I like to call it Twitter, except you post articles instead of "tweets." You can follow people, get their articles on your homepage, and write your own articles as well.

How can I make money with the Medium Partner Program?

On Medium you can post "locked" articles which only Medium Members can see. Those with Medium Memberships pay $5 per month to read unlimited locked stories from their favorite authors. If these members "clap" for your story (the equivalent of a "like" on Facebook), you get a small portion of their membership fee for that month as a reward. So, the more followers you have, the more Medium Members are likely to see your articles and consequently "clap" for your them as well.
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