Write on LinkedIn with us for 15 days straight
The LinkedIn 15 Day Sprint helps you create 15 posts on LinkedIn beside a supportive group of other creators. 
(The next sprint starts on January 22, 2024)
Two years ago, I created a secret LinkedIn system..

At first I wasn’t sure if it would succeed. We took 40 creators through a daily posting routine on Linkedin…

Here's a photo from our first call..
The mission? To see if it would help us boost our views, likes, and personal brands..

Spoiler Alert: It totally worked.

Since August of 2021, hundreds of LinkedIn creators have used my LinkedIn Sprint to garner more views, followers, and new clients.

Sasja Nieukerk-Chomos, for instance, wrote this viral post about her father and garnered 38,000 likes, 1,800,000 views, and multiple speaking opportunities.
All from one post.

Make no mistake, though, this Sprint is a challenge. It kicks your butt. It throws you in the mud and muck of online writing and sees what you're made of.

“Why in heck do people want to do this, Tom? ” I hear you asking..

Because big transformation requires a big effort.

Look, growing a following doesn't come by going it alone. Especially if LinkedIn already feels like navigating a hedge maze.


It's also really hard to build a writing habit alone.

There’s a common phrase: If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

Community Can Multiply 
Your Views On LinkedIn 💪

Psst.. Did you know that if you get 5 comments within the first hour of publishing your post, your chances of going viral increase?

We help facilitate this by sorting you into a group where you support each other's posts every day during the sprint.

Check out these messages from past sprinters.. 

Kapil got more views in 1.5 hours on the sprint than he normally does in 24 hours. 👇

Irene averaged 500 views per post for years, but the sprint helped her create two posts that got over 10K views.👇
"But Tom, I can't be a writer, can I?"
I want to verbally reprimand whoever told you that.

"I'm not interesting, Tom."

I hear that all the time, too. 

I started writing back in 2014 in a journal my sister gave me. I made spelling mistakes galore. My journal was absolutely atrocious. 

But practice helped me.

Two years later, I was a writer at the Huffington Post. 

Writing is not a talent that you're born with...
It's a skill that's cultivated with practice and learning.

And 30 days can help you cover a LOT of ground.

Worried you won't actually build a writing habit? 



Can I build my personal brand, Tom?

Of course you can. Look at the comments some of our past sprinters got near the end of the sprint..

They became known and loved by their audiences. It's amazing what consistent posting can do!

But Tom, isn't LinkedIn:

1. Too saturated?

Huh? Who told you that? It's estimated that only 1% of LinkedIn users create content. If anything, there's a content shortage. We need you!

2. Just for professional content?

This makes sense. It's the "Professional platform" after all. However, the list of the 50 most popular LinkedIn hashtags has #personaldevelopment, #money, #travel, #culture, #fashion, #health, #happiness, #mentalhealth, and #mindfulness. These aren't business-related hasthtags, right? 

I haven't had a job since 6 years ago and I write about traveling and life lessons there. I have 19,000 followers as of right now. So no, it's not just for professional content. Take heart!

3. Hard to understand for the tech-challenged?

We help you with that. We have videos that you can follow step-by-step to make sure you're doing exactly what you need to be doing on LinkedIn.


NOTE: We used to do 30-day sprints in the past, but since shortened them to 15 days.

80,000 VIEWS IN 30 DAYS

110,000 VIEWS  IN 30 DAYS





This is such an amazing journey, I am getting WAY more engagement and followers than I have gotten in the last three months! 

Super grateful for this group and all of your support, with encouragement, engagement, and feedback. 

I really appreciate everyone here and all the amazing stories I am hearing!

Shari Walker
It's true what they say. The LinkedIn algorithm does love consistency. Views and engagements on my posts have skyrocketed. I barely posted here before. But in two weeks, my content has been viewed more than 30,000 times. More importantly, I've connected with so many like-minded people who are trying to achieve similar goals. The community on here is amazing!

Stela Gineva
Tom Kuegler has given us prompts to experiment, get a little uncomfortable, and stretch us - which is where learning takes place. 

The daily adventure, with added support on Slack, is creating relationships that will survive long beyond the 30-day sprint. 

Thanks Tom!

Karl Sprague
This sprint has helped my productivity by giving me resources like templates, but accountability is the biggest thing for me. 

This challenge gives me the incentive to post each day (even on the weekend) because I know I'll feel good meeting the daily goal, and others are doing the same.

Michelle Forsyth

Liane Davey: "The best money I ever invested in any kind of development activity"

Kevin Judge: "Not only have I learned how to write, I also have 300 topic ideas that I can use."


"I Don't Know What Content Resonates On LinkedIn, Tom" 😢

There's three ways the sprint solves this problem..
  • It Gives You 10 Data Points: You see what kinds of posts did so well because you're creating so much.
  • You See What Works For Others: Being around other great creators for 15 days helps 😊
  • ​I'll Tell You: That's what the content critiques are for. That's what the trainings are for.

Laura surprised herself with a 17K view post 👇

Bao went from 0 views to 50,000 in one month 👇


One where you don't get lost in a group of 400+ people.


1. 3+ Hours Of New Storytelling Lessons (NEW)

Stories are addictive. A well-written story is near impossible for us to take our eyes off of. That's our opportunity on LinkedIn. 

For the first time ever, I'll teach you WHY stories hook us psychologically, all the elements of a great story, and the traits the most viral LinkedIn stories share in 3 hours of new lessons. 

2. Our Community Slack Channel

Get immediate access to our community Slack channel. Here you'll share new posts, get access to post templates from me, and get to meet your fellow sprinters. 

3. 40 Writing Prompts

I'll supply each writer with 40 prompts they can use to get daily inspiration. Having trouble coming up with something to write? No worries! There's 40 prompts you can use to jumpstart your creativity. 

4. 10 Story-Based LinkedIn Post Templates

Great storytelling is the path to going viral on LinkedIn. I want to hear your stories over this 15-day sprint, so I'm giving sprinters 5 templates based off viral LinkedIn posts that centered on a story. 

You'll learn a lot about effective storytelling just from using these.

5. 15 Additional LinkedIn Post Templates

You'll get fifteen additional templates from other types of viral LinkedIn posts as well. Some center on stories, some don't. 

These templates go word-by-word, line-by-line, and show you how to create your own post with the same structure and feel.

I also explain WHY these posts did so well so you can learn lessons that'll guide you in the future.

6. Write And Publish 15 Posts In 15 Days

In our first sprint, we saw extremely high posting frequency among sprinters. Every day we had about 75 percent of our sprinters posting.

Considering that online courses typically see a 10-20% completion rate, these are incredible numbers to have.

7. Explosive Reach On LinkedIn

Simply put, the organic reach on LinkedIn is absolutely bonkers right now.  When we all engage with each other's posts as a group, it's easy to 5-10x our normal reach. That's why we work in a cohort.

You get access to all of this for only $199. 👀

We get started on January 22 and write until February 9.


  • 3+ Hours of BRAND NEW training material on how to tell effective stories on LinkedIn.
  • Unlimited Slack channel support
  • 25 Post Templates
  • 40 Writing Prompts
Sprint +
  • Everything in the Base Sprint Program
  • Get access to 6+ hours of LinkedIn lessons teaching you how to write better posts, grow your personal brand, and monetize on LinkedIn.
  • Get 60+ recorded interviews with social media experts teaching you how to grow on other platforms like Medium, Instagram, and more.

NEW: 3+ Hours Of Storytelling Lessons

For the first time ever, I'll be offering 11 new storytelling lessons 
 that'll help you stand out on LinkedIn. Here they are:

  • 1. What is a story?
  • ​2. Why is storytelling so crucial on LinkedIn?
  • 3. ​5 reasons stories addict us
  • ​4. How to get unlimited story ideas
  • ​5. How to write the first 3 lines of your post using the power of storytelling
  • ​6. How to use story science to keep readers engaged
  • ​7. Unlocking the power of specifics to tell better stories
  • 8. ​How to create exciting conflict in your story
  • ​9. Why vulnerability is the key to going viral on LinkedIn
  • 10. ​How to use "setups" to enhance your opening lines.
  • ​11. How to use your 'LinkedIn Post Checklist' document


A year ago a student of mine went viral.

Her post got 1,800,000 views, 34,000 likes, and over 3,000 comments.

She received a slew of business requests--including speaking opportunities, folks wanting 1-1 coaching, and 2 companies who wanted her to teach leadership training.

So, what made her go viral?

Was it a snappy headline? A well-written post? Was it LinkedIn "broetry" (inspiration porn) that got her those views?


She talked about her Father's suicide.

I say all this to get to one crystal-clear message:

Storytelling is incredible powerful.

And I know that for my student, this wasn't a story for her. This was real, and I want to make sure I get that point across before I continue. She wasn't using this tale for marketing purposes--she wrote this because it meant something to her and I encourage my students to tell ALL their stories in my programs.

But still, undeniably, it was a story. And stories are the most powerful thing humans have ever created.

I read book called 'Sapiens' recently, which is a quick 400-page history of human beings. In one part the author writes:

“Fiction has enabled us not merely to imagine things, but to do so collectively. We can weave common myths such as the bliblical creation story, the Dreamtime myths of Aboriginal Australians, and the nationalist myths of modern states. Such myths give Sapiens the ability to cooperate flexibly in large numbers.”

Storytelling birthed civilization. Without it, there'd be about 7,000,000,000 less people on this planet and we'd still be hunter-gatherers.

A few months after she went viral, my student told me she made about $15,000 - $20,000 since her viral post. All of it started with a story.

I looked back on my own most-viral LinkedIn posts and guess what?

They were all stories too.

As I've done more research on storytelling, I've realized that a great story is almost more addictive for the human brain than sugar.

In the book "Wired For Story," Lisa Cron writes:

"It turns out that a powerful story can have a hand in rewiring the reader's brain--helping instill empathy, for instance--which is why writers are, and have always been, among the most powerful people in the world."

Readers simply can't resist a good story. Stories are bulletproof. They are basically impossible to ignore when written well--which presents a problem:

Many of us don't know how to write a good story.

That's the difference between this LinkedIn Sprint and other programs that teach you how to write just like everybody else. I give you the permission to tell your own story, and you'll unlock a whole new level of LinkedIn because of it.

If You Buy The Sprint + Upgrade, Here's 
Some Of Our Course Lessons

The lessons also teach you how to get clients and leads on LinkedIn 🤝

This sprint results in an explosion of views and attention to your personal profile. If only there was a way to see everybody who's interested in us? 

Oh wait, there is, with LinkedIn Sales Navigator.👇
LinkedIn Sales Navigator makes it possible to see the people checking out our profile.

And guess what? Everybody gets a 30-day free trial if they've never had LI Premium before.

I also teach you a comprehensive system that tracks people who like your posts, comment on your posts, and send you messages, so you never miss out on a potential client again.

Creating content is the first punch 🥊

Following up with leads is the second punch 🥊

And it works 👇


Interviews with 28 Side-Hustle Experts

The Side-Hustle University houses 28 hour-long interviews with various side-hustle experts.

We're proud to feature some of the best names on Medium as well like Michael Thompson, Zulie Rane, Niklas Göke, Anthony Moore, and Nicolas Cole.

Interviews with 30 Blogging Experts

The Grow Your Blog Summit houses 30 hour-long interviews with various blogging experts.

Included are interviews with NY Times Best-Selling Author Chris Brogan, Tim Denning, Michelle Schroeder-Gardner, who's a millionaire blogger, and Dorie Clark.

Tom Kuegler

Tom's generated over 1,000,000 views on LinkedIn, where he has a total of 17,000 followers.

Tom's also built a following of 50,000 writing on Medium, and started the popular publication "The Post-Grad Survival Guide" five years ago.

Tom's an expert on writing online, making videos online, and personal branding. His specialty platforms are Medium and LinkedIn.


How much does this cost?

$199 for the base program. There's also higher tier options if you want more support.

How much time will this take?

A big portion of this program is commenting and engaging with other sprinters' posts. I foresee a 1 hour time commitment every day for both posting and engagement.

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes, we have a refund policy in effect for the first 5 days of the sprint. If this program isn't your bag, you can ask for a refund and we'll give you your money back no problem.

Have another question?

Email me (tom@findingtom.com). I'll be able to answer any questions you have about this program. :) 
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